Epic 7-Minute Skippable YouTube Pre-Roll Ad

NOMINT_Android Google Creative Lab | STASH MAGAZINE

Android’s “Be Together. Not the same.” campaign continues with this endurance test for your pre-roll sanity animated by NOMINT in London with sound by Huma-Huma in NY. [Read more]

The Brothers McLeod: Western Weirdness in Warwickshire

Brothers McLeod_Purity Brewers | STASH MAGAZINE

Thick Warwickshire accents lend a certain silliness to the unlikely “story of ruthless and intrepid explorers Longhorn and Lawless as they hunt for the fabled Pure Gold.” All lovingly hand-drawn for The Purity Brewing Company by fellow Warwickshireites (Warwickshireinians?) The Brothers McLeod with music by Tom Angel. [Read more]

1stAveMachine Wants to “Be Like Mike”

TBWA\Chiat\Day_Gatorade Be Like Mike | STASH MAGAZINE

1stAveMachine remixes Gatorade’s 1991 feel-good classic “Be Like Mike” spot with tasty layers of rotoscoping and graphics for TBWA\Chiat\Day. [Read more]

Alice Saey: Shaking Godspeed “She’s Young”

Alice Saey_HAFF_Shaking Godspeed

French director/designer Alice Saey just won the HAFFTube! award at the Holland Animation Film Festival with this deranged mix of hair, fire and synchronized swimming for Dutch rockers Shaking Godspeed. [Read more]

Gergely Wootsch and Terry Jones Celebrate Magna Carta

Beakus_Britsih Library | STASH MAGAZINE

Everything you ever wanted to know about the seminal English charter of 1215 called Magna Carta in two short, entertaining and nicely crafted animated clips by Beakus director/designer Gergely Wootsch with the VO talents of Monty Python’s Terry Jones. [Read more]

Michael Fragstein Enters His “Plea”

Michael Fragstein_Plea | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash is pleased to premier director Michael Fragstein’s whimsical, minimal and completely unpredictable mini-music video for “Plea” by Max & Laura Braun produced at the Büro Achter April studio in Stuttgart. [Read more]