Peace One Day Wants to Build the “McWhopper”

Johnny Kofoed_McWhopper | STASH MAGAZINE

Assembly director Jonny Kofoed and his intrepid team of three animators makes a compelling case for the proposed 24-hour detente between Burger King and McDonalds in’s continued campaign to make the world a nicer place. [Read more]

Nervous System: “Growing Objects” 3D Printed Zoetropes

Nervous System_Growing Objects | STASH MAGAZINE

Just outside Boston in Somerville, Massachusetts, Jessica Rosenkrantz, Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and their small team at Nervous System explore the intersection of science, art, and technology – writing code based on processes and patterns found in nature to create art, jewelry, clothes and housewares. [Read more]

LWZ “Sounds Like FM4: AT Home”


Delightfully detailed, non-sensical new poster and motion work from Vienna design and animation studio LWZ, called “At Home” from the “Sounds Like” series for Austrian national radio station FM4. [Read more]

Golden Wolf ID “Wander Over Yonder” for Disney XD

Disney XD_Wander Over Yonder

Quick shot of classic squash-and-stretchy character love from the Golden Wolf crew for Craig McCracken’s Wander over Yonder series on Disney XD featuring intergalactic optimist Wander, his loyal steed Sylvia, Lord Hater and one his Watchdogs dancin’ to a remix of the show theme by Wevie. [Read more]

Buck Versus Nike Hypervenom

Buck_Nike Neymar Jr | STASH MAGAZINE

The Buck crew help Wieden+Kennedy break Nike out of the footwear industry’s recent (and spectacular) CG habit with these two short blasts of extreme 2D action for Hypervenom soccer boots as worn by Brazil’s captain Neymar Jr. and Poland’s captain Robert Lewandowski. [Read more]

From Russia with Love: DEmark 2015 Titles

Nord_DEmark Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Leaving aside the irony of commissioning a Russian motion collective to create the promo for a Thailand-based design competition celebrating home-grown talent – you gotta love the paired-down illustrations and snappy transitions the NORD crew bring to this clip for the DEmark Awards. [Read more]