Carlos Florez: MTV “Peeping Toms”


Warm, sunny fun from LA director/animator Carlos Florez who also cut and composited. Music: Mauricio Yazigi.Hi Stephen,

A little bit more about the clip:

I wanted to tell a simple and fun story to showcase my directing
skills mixing live action with 3D animation. I focused on the
director/actor collaborative effort to tell this story full of
personality and character. I shot this spec commercial with my Canon
7D HD 24fps in the garage of my apartment building. Production and
post production lasted about 2 weeks- I directed, D.P, produced,
edited and did all of the 3D animation, VFX compositing, camera
tracking and sound design. Music by Mauricio Yazigi and the talented lead actress is my
girlfriend, Monique Alvarez
who I love to work with.

Many of my director and producer friends and owners of production and
post production companies in Los Angeles asked me how many people I
had on my team, and I said “Just me,” and they say WHAT, HOW? WOW. As
soon as I released this clip, I received six job offers and a meeting
with an advertising agency here in LA.

I’m focused on my directing career, I just shot two new spec
commercials and a short film coming soon. My goal is to direct
national commercials and awesome action films in the near future.

All the best,
Carlos Florez

4 Responses to “Carlos Florez: MTV “Peeping Toms””
  1. Gabriel Florez says:

    I am very proud of you.


    God bless you and give you more talent as you have received.

  2. Richard Alvarez says:

    I truly enjoyed your spec commercial. “GREAT JOB” very creative and a great choice in actress. I wanted more so I saw it again. Can’t wait for the next one. Way to go Carlos and Monique. you got my attention,what’s next..

  3. Wow babe, what an honor. Congratulations!! 🙂 Had so much fun working on this with you.

  4. Thank you very much everyone! I appreciate it.
    Thanks Dad, Compadre Richard and Monique.

    A very Special Thanks to Ko Maruyama for great feedback and support.