Tomás García: MTV.OS Branding


Hold onto your memes and emojis, Tomás García and his crew in Buenos Aires just sent us this absurd whack of chaos/branding for MTV.OS, aka the scary future of broadcasting that uses A.I. to take over your TV brain. [Read more]

Matt Smithson: “Decoding The Mind”

Marvin Chung fost | STASH MAGAZINE

US designer/director Matt Smithson warms up the revolutionary (and somewhat scary) breakthroughs in mind reading technology with eccentric, light-hearted visuals for the Future of Storytelling speaker Marvin Chun, the Richard M. Colgate Professor of Psychology at Yale. [Read more]

Fx Goby: “End Youth Homelessness”


Nexus director Fx Goby animates stencil graffiti to raise awareness of the 80,000 young people in the UK who find themselves in dire circumstances both at home or on the streets in this stark and powerful online film for UK charity End Youth Homelessness. [Read more]

Stash 119: A Full-frontal Blast of Inspiration

From crazed hand-crafted animation and innovative stop-motion to complex VFX and intense 3D projects, Stash 119 delivers a full course of inspiring motion projects, PLUS 28 minutes of behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews. [Read more]

Antoni Sendra: Green Day “Revolution Radio”

Green Day Revolution Radio| STASH MAGAZINE

Spanish freelance director Antoni Sendra (aka PODENCO) fires up his signature mixed media skills in this type-driven collage for the title track from Green’s Day upcoming “Revolution Radio,” inspired by the handmade photocopy aesthetics of 1980’s hardcore/punk fanzines. [Read more]

TBWA\PARIS: SNCF “Impossible Game ” Case Study


The best advertising case study we’ve seen in several years, this 90-second clip details “Impossible Game,” an innovative and ambitious project from agency TBWA\Paris designed to help France’s national state-owned railway find extraordinary engineering talent. Client: SNCF Agency: TBWA\Paris [Read more]