Tendril Refreshes Space Channel

Tendril_Bell Media Space Channel | STASH MAGAZINE

CDs Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres and the Tendril crew help Canada’s Space Channel go beyond their core demo of young men in search a broader (read female) audience with a stunning set of macro-world IDs. [Read more]

Replace Tracking Ads With Your Own Post-It Notes

Great idea from Proximity Russia and Indee Interactive for anyone haunted by quasi-creepy tracking ads and fond of Post-It notes. Possibly the start of a welcome trend twisting web advertising technology to your own devises (see D&AD’s Ad Filter posted earlier this week). [Read more]

Golden Wolf + Omar Salazar for Doomsayers

Golden Wolf_Doomsayers | STASH MAGAZINE

Shoreditch animation prodco Golden Wolf sweep you into the world of pro skater Omar Salazar in a 24-second blast of extreme 2D madness for streetwear retailers Doomsayers. Audio by The Confederate Dead. [Read more]

Le Cube “Virada Femama”

Buenos Aires animation shop Le Cube applies the use of elegant cel animation to deliver the important message of the Virada Femama campaign by NGO Femama. Commissioned by Geometry Global Brazil, the subject of the work concerns the mandatory 60-day treatment and support for newly diagnosed cancer patients in Brazil. [Read more]

The Art + Science of Nike by Emrah Gonulkirmaz

The Art + Science of Nike by Emrah Gonulkirmaz

Imagined by Toronto director/motion designer Emrah Gonulkirmaz, “The Art + Science of Feeling” is a stunning visual representation of wearing the new Nike Free Hyperfeel, inspired by data captured while running with the Nike+ Running App and Nike+ FuelBand. “I have always been fascinated with the development [Read more]

100 Spectacular Films from 100 Issues of Stash

Stash 100 from100 Collection | STASH MAGAZINE

Join us as we rocket back across the motion timeline to uncover one game-changing video project from every issue of Stash. That means 100 carefully curated pieces from over nine years of commercials, music videos, broadcast design, game cinematics, virals and short films. The influence of many of these projects still [Read more]