Felix Colgrave Unleashes “Man Spaghetti”

Animator/illustrator Felix Colgrave (who may or may not have been raised by retired hot air balloonists in Tasmania) just dropped his lastest piece of freakish mania: a two-minute, pasta-free vision called “Man Spaghetti.”

Colgrave, “When I made this film, I was exploring the idea of how living things are made of matter, and when we die and rot and we’re returned to the earth and yadda yadda, and then that matter then goes on to build other living things. Basically I cut out the middle man, and made the matter reorganise itself into new things the moment the consciousness died. Then i put them in onesies and gave the whole thing a silly name. Hope ya dig it!”

Another fun fact from Mr. Colgrave, “Felix will whore the hell out of himself for money, so if you wish to hire him, or contact him for any other reason, you can send your words to felix@aardvarkbutter.com.”

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