Juan Behrens Opens Visual Arabia 2013

Dubai director/designer/animator Juan Behrens opens the region’s first design conference with this striking sequence featuring typography inspired by “the calligraphy and the beauty level you see when you open the holy book. Today, we are about to collaborate with Hydro74 developing the font fully.”

“Technical wise, I was working full time so I was putting around three hours per night everyday and more on weekends. I made all the comps by editing existing characters from the Arab alphabet. For example, the first character you see on the title is my favorite: SHIN, with an extrusion making it look as the Number 1 – because of the first event.

“I had tons of sketchs on arab calligraphies that really don’t say anything but that practice set me on the right tone of the whole piece and enabled me to give all this content to my friend 333 and Unengel, they processed all that and they made the calligraphy you see on screen.

“I made a rough audio edit and after that, Daniel Da Silva, jumped on as always to put his audio mind on it, he sent back a rough, I edited what he sent and then he adds final details.”

Daniel Da Silva, “About 80% of the sound is made up with samples. Most of these samples were recorded from very common sources (glass, cutlery, pieces of wood and coins) and different devices and small machines: printers, cameras, fans, clocks, etc… I also used a couple of special microphones to record the internal sounds of a laptop, an iPhone, a TV, a smoke alarm and a Playstation 3. All those samples were later imported into a Logic Studio session and processed individually.

“Conceptually, I wanted the whole thing to sound like a machine being set in motion. Stylistically, my main sources of inspiration were Amon Tobin’s albums Foley Room and ISAM. There’s a lot of time stretching and ‘free-flowing’ structures due to the fact that most of the video was completed before I started working on the audio. Even though at the beginning I thought this would end up giving me a lot of troubles, it ended up having a very positive effect on the style and the production process for the sound design.”


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