“NASA” Lands in Carlos Florez’ Garage

Prolific LA director Carlos Florez continues his one-man DIY production model with this short called “NASA” shot in the garage of his apartment building and featuring a faux-laser scan look.

“I achieved this look by getting a good depth pass for every shot, pretty much I duplicated the shot and made it grayscale, crushed the blacks and whites to have enough contrast while keeping the mid-tones to be able to get good dotted three dimensional representation of…

the image. Once this is done I can navigate the camera around and it looks like I have a dotted 3D model inside of After Effects.

“I processed the live action footage digitally with After effects, most predominant plugins are Trapcode Form and particular. I use Mocha to track the footage (Mocha is a great application that comes with After Effects), Adobe Suite (Photoshop and illustrator) for the graphics. I edited with Final cut pro. For the 3D tanks, spaceShuttle and Text renders I used Maya and Cinema 4D, every shot has been processed manually. It took many render passes, 3D dynamic simulations, and lots of coffee.

“I shot it myself in the garage of my ex apartment building in Los Angeles, and its the second collaboration I did with the musician
Eduardo Castillo, here’s my other project I directed, wrote and produced: http://carlosflorez.com/download/sekso.html

“I shot it at late night, at the hour of the wolf so there wouldn’t be traffic of cars coming in and out that may interrupt my production. Then in post production I removed all the cars and replaced them with war tanks.”

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  1. THANK you for this great honor to be featured on STASH front page!

  2. This is Amazing- congratulations on this unforgettable piece. And thank you to STASH for sharing it with the world!