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Onesize Pitches Heroic Moments for FOX College Football

It’s no secret the Stash crew are big fans of concept art, especially those frames that resonate well beyond the pitch (regardless of whether they won or lost). Case in point: these adrenalin-fueled CG sculptures for FOX’s 2012 College Football season by Onesize in Amsterdam.

Onesize: “The idea was to build a scene, an epic moment in frozen time. All the players are frozen as statues, just like the fans, cheerleaders and musicians. It’s one single moment that counts, a heroic moment.
This is what we would have delivered:
– A base for a main title in which team logos can be placed according to that weeks games.
– A large set of awesome shots (with and without all the team logos) taken from a wide variety of angles of the frozen-in-time scene (wide, close, medium).
– A graphics set to be layered on top.
– A set of instructions including gradients and color corrections to facilitate b-roll footage usage.”

Fox_collegefootball | STASH MAGAZINE

Fox_collegefootball | STASH MAGAZINE

Fox_collegefootball_04 | STASH MAGAZINE

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