Oskar Wrango: “Totally dangerous and insane.”

Swedish Director Oskar Wrango turns a dead simple idea into a powerful, poetic and hazardous execution in this MV for “Rivers” by Small Feet.

Wrango: “We shot it all in one extreme day in the north of Sweden. One remote octacopter pilot, one camera guy, me putting the guy on fire for real and one guy with a fire extinguisher. Totally dangerous and insane. But what do you do with almost zero budget. It was fun.

“The hard thing was to synk every take. We had only eight-second takes with 240 fps on that camera. So the helicopter had to be in the air at the same as I put the stuntman on fire, then after like 20 seconds we had to extinguish the fire on him really fast.

“The first shot when he jumps up from the water was really f*cking hard, octacopter flying fast over the water, and the camera operator had to both frame the guy and his reflection in the water, then a millisecond after frame the splash perfectly. One big problem was that we had to take that three times and the water was extremely cold. No post in the film except the paper/letter in the end clip.

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