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The Pitching Wars: How Royale Stays Armed

With new motion studios sprouting weekly, the competition for animation, VFX and design work keeps tightening and tilting the market in the buyer’s favor. Winning the resulting pitching war requires fearless warriors and trusty weapons: aka insightful, adaptable designers and spectacular style frames.

Jayson Whitmore, creative director and partner at Royale in Los Angeles lives this credo daily in the form of close working relationships with his art director/designers Jonathan Kim and Kyle Smith.

Whitmore: “We live in an increasingly instant world which has trickled down to designing for the media landscape. The days of being romantic about a concept are long gone. Having an efficient, well rounded, talented team is the only to stay two steps ahead.

“Making time to live our lives and work hard is what we try to accomplish as a studio. Our family and life experience is what brings us great inspiration. We have quite a few exceptional art directors on our team including Johnathan Kim and Kyle Smith who are incredibly talented, efficient, well rounded, no ego and can take our vision and run with it.

“Creative collaboration is key when creative director Brien Holman and I have multiple projects we are overseeing at any one given time while pitching new work. We guide our team towards the clients’ expectations and needs so in the end we have a killer product that we are all proud of and will hopefully be the winning idea when pitching new work.”


Kyle Smith Royale | STASH MAGAZINE

Royale AD Kyle Smith: “These frames were part of a pitch to advertise the arrival of Nike ID 6.0. Nike ID is all about personal customization. From color, and material, right down to the shape of the sole. The idea was that multiple instances of a featured athlete would perform tricks off areas of a blank shoe, showing an array of different customizations in their wake. These frames were not chosen to move into animation.”



Royale AD Jonathan Kim: “Took this uber illustrative approach for a quick project we did for Sony who partnered up with Taylor Swift to showcase a new line of point and shoot cameras. The script was already laid out so I had the pleasure of cranking out various styles for them to choose from. This was not the style they went with, but is definitely one of my favorites.”


Kyle Smith Royale | STASH MAGAZINE

Kyle Smith: “We were asked to run with the theme of having a one track mind. So naturally, we referenced Rorschach inkblot tests. Through simple exploding and imploding of organic inkblot shapes, we wanted to resolve clear NET-A-PORTER apparel and imagery that felt integrated but not bound to a 2-dimensional environment. No matter the shape presented, the viewer would ultimately see the NET-A-PORTER brand, reinforcing the one track mind theme. These frames were ultimately not animated.”


Jonathan Kim Royale | STASH MAGAZINE

Jonathan Kim: “Nike asked us to create a spot for the launch of the all new 2012 FA12 hyper dunks. We crafted a fully CG spot highlighting the innovative technology that unites real life competitive gaming and social media. These were the initial style frames which were later toned down to highlight more of the technology. The spot premiered in primetime – during the first half of game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals and soon after went on to air globally.”


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