Poetica Specs Up a Gem for NIKEiD

Poetica CD Steve Tozzi: “This piece came about from using the product itself. I was and still am amazed you can customize shoes to such a degree on NIKEiD. When we started to animate, I felt it would be a wonderful piece to show creatives at Nike, to introduce ourselves and our work.”

Rendering was handled with Arnold, Mental Ray and Diffusion Shaders, maximizing the strengths of each to create various elements. Head of CG John Clausing: “It is nice to be able to tailor the production process to play to those strengths and not have to try to bend a software to accommodate a look it isn’t meant to achieve.” Clausing and team also used ICE, Exocortex Slipstream, Nuke, After Effects and Flame on the project. Music: Lil B.

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