The Public Assembly Address Canada’s Water Health

WWF Canada and The Public Assembly, address the subject of clean water in Canada with this new online film introducing WWF’s Freshwater Health Assessment.

According to director/designer Hector Herrera, “The spot was created using a combination of Victorian woodcut images and digital and hand-rendered elements aimed to attain a tactile and organic look and feel that connected with WWF. The backgrounds were created out of scraps of vintage paper, watercolour swatches, illustrator artwork and some hand rendered images. The characters are a combination of collage and hand drawing. Their clothes where achieved by mapping photographic elements onto a hand rendered body. Then all the characters were rigged for animation in After Effects.”

For WWF Canada
Communications Specialist: Riannon John

For The Public Assembly
Writers: Pazit Cahlo, Hector Herrera
Designer/animator/director: Hector Herrera
EP/producer: Kevin Corvetti
EP: Amalie Bruun

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