Sehsucht Berlin Packages the 2012 MTV European Music Awards

Director Mate Steinforth and the Sehsucht Berlin crew teamed up with MTV Supreme CD Roberto Bagatti and the MTV World Design Studio in Milan to spin out a vast set of deliverables for the 2012 EMA including this spectacular :60 show teaser.

“The animated sequence is a journey through time and space, transcending the ancient Zoetrope concept to our modern global society: A band lives the American Dream, symbolizing the ascent of a basement musician to stardom across the horizontal zoetrope layers. They move from the underground scene to stardom with the help of their fans and social networks, finally reach the top of the carousel and perform at the MTV EMA. The complete zoetrope is a virtual scale model, nothing is faked. Therefore, everything had to work in loops built in 24 single ‘sculptures’.

Music: Von Sallwitz Sound Architecture (Nikolai von Sallwitz).

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