Smart New FrameBlast Storytelling App

Check out FrameBlast a smart, simple and free mobile video app using custom algorithms to auto-edit rough cuts and sync the bpm of music tracks to footage, plus it comes with nifty editing filters and color gradients.

Grab FrameBlast on iTunes.

From the release:

FrameBlast magically brings your stories together, creating high quality videos that you can save for yourself or proudly share with the world.

FrameBlast is a serious creative tool to help users think before they shoot, but it’s also a handy do-the-math-for-you editing algorithm for users that shoot iPhone video and leave it with no intention of ever sharing it. FrameBlast provides one touch grade, adds photo filter and cuts automatically to the music track. It’s editing for everyone.

Users frame stories in blasts – starting with the key elements, beginning and end, Blast-thinking is deciding what happens in the middle. FrameBlast takes out all the effort and gives you all the glory with an “edit for you” interface that provides a rough cut assembly at the touch of a button.

What this means is that you can “edit’ those videos you have on your camera roll with a single click. Users can twin their artistic moving image efforts with the imagination of audio artists waiting to be discovered on sites like Free Music Archive. Users can also select from seven original tunes pre-installed with the app, tracks in their iTunes library, or no tune. An adjust feature allows users to effortlessly reorder videos and craft their Blasts.

FrameBlast is designed to be used on the move and is collaborative, intuitive, and most importantly free. Frameblast makes storytelling with video social. Sharing is also one-click within the app, with options to push video content to social channels Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook.

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