Topix Wrangles One Serious Panda for TELUS

Truly convincing furry CG beasts are rare creatures outside major feature films for good reason: Modeling, rigging, grooming, and the tiniest details of fauna behavior must mesh perfectly or the uncanny valley opens into a gaping chasm.

In the first :30 of a new campaign thru Taxi for Canadian telco TELUS, Topix intro a panda who will have viewers cooing over how cute he is or crying “Cruelty!” at using an endangered species in a phone ad.

Sylvain Taillon, Topix Managing Partner: “It was a big undertaking that required a leap of faith from all involved. We were able to bring to life charming animals that are unique to the brand and allow for tremendous control over look and performance. Our challenge was to create characters at a level one would normally associate with feature films that operate on a much larger scale.”

Agency: Taxi Toronto, Production Company: Sons and Daughters
Toolkit: Maya for animation and Houdini for grooming and rendering.

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