100 Spectacular Films from 100 Issues of Stash

Join us as we rocket back across the motion timeline to uncover one game-changing video project from every issue of Stash. That means 100 carefully curated pieces from over nine years of commercials, music videos, broadcast design, game cinematics, virals and short films.

The influence of many of these projects still resonates today while others, that didn’t garner the acclaim they deserved when first released, are now ready to be rediscovered.

Of course the discipline of choosing just one project from each issue of Stash (which contain an average of 30 films) means many important films could not be included. But fear not, more collections on a variety of themes are on the way – all drawn from the 4,000 clips of awesomeness known as the Stash video library.

Watch 100 FROM 100 here.

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