AICP likes Chipotle “Back To The Start”

Nexus Productions and their director Johnny Kelly picked up both a Visual Style and an Animation award July 12 at the AICP awards in NY (we featured “Back to the Start” and an interview with Mr. Kelly in Stash 85 last October).

Congrats to all the animation, design and VFX winners!

FedEx “Enchanted Forest” – Production: Psyop, Smuggler, Directors: Marco Spier, Marie Hyon
Hallmark “Motherbird” – Production: The Mill Director: Yann Mabille
Chipotle “Back To The Start” – Production: Nexus Productions, Director: Johnny Kelly

Diesel “Only The Brave” – Production: Brand New School, Director: Jonathan Notaro
Fage “Plain” – Production: Psyop, Smuggler, Directors: Psyop

DirectTV “Hot House” – Production: Biscuit Filmworks, MPC LA, Director: Noam Murro
Nike “Biomorph” – Production: Mothership, Director: David Rosenbaum

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