Alan Warburton Looks Beyond CG’s Uncanny Valley

Alan Warburton: “It’s 2017 and computer graphics have conquered the Uncanny Valley, that strange place where things are almost real… but not quite.

“After decades of innovation, we’re at the point where we can conjure just about anything with software. The battle for photoreal CGI has been won, so the question is – what happens now?”

Written and animated by Alan Warburton
With the support of Tom Pounder and Wieden + Kennedy.
Music by Cool 3D World
Special thanks to: Leanne Redfern, Nico Engelbrecht, Iain Tait, Indiana Matine, Katrina Sluis, David Surman, Jacob Gaboury and Daniel Rourke.

Animated backgrounds generously provided by:
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Katarina Markovic (
Roman Senko (

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Barry Doupe (
Claudia Hart (
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