all the hoopla about CP+B

cpb.jpgCrispin Porter + Bogusky are the subject of Warren Berger’s new tome called "Hoopla" due in September. The veteran journalist tracked and reported on the CP+B rise to phenom status over the past decade and according to the book’s hype "fully examines and deconstructs the methods that lie behind the agency’s seeming madness. The result is a fascinating journey into a realm of unbridled creativity."

While you’re at the CP+B site, click on the "Projects up for Grabs" tab – they are currently "Looking for companies to work with on a project involving CGI and 3D work".

2 Responses to “all the hoopla about CP+B”
  1. Donna Carroll says:

    I was the studio manager at CPB. The hoopla book was the beginning of the end of me. The culture is no longer what it was, with 450 employees and the volume of work is insane. They put me up at the Mayfair next door for a month when I has working on the book, I never went home. They did that because they caught me sleeping in the closet! There is way to much work people have to stay overnight sometimes for days at a time. They call it voluntary, but if you don’t do it your not going anywhere. There is a long line of folks waiting in the wings if your not willing to do it. They will do anything just for a chance to work for CPB. No mater how much food they feed you or how many starbucks coffees they can give you is worth giving up your life. and as soon as you start to burn out they are done with you and don’t think twice about replacing you. I got fired while on vacation via email, it could be a first. If only I had been been able to turn off that damn black berry I would still have a job. The place is so big Alex has no idea what is going on who you are or what your doing unless you send out an sarcastic all agency email that will get your name out there, but it can get you in a world of shit if he doesn’t find it funny, trust me I know. So what I am saying is that book wont be so fucking funny for me or a lot of my friends. My blood runs pink and when we open that book all they will see is me bleed out! What ever the culture was, it is no more. When to start at CPB they will give you what ever you want but it will cost you your soul.

  2. RAL says:

    My partner of 11 years went through an extensive 5 interview process for a position with CP+B. After the initial excitement about potentially working for this progressive and state of the art agency it became clear that they are a group on immature, insincere, whacked group with poor professional skills and horrible follow-up for potential candidates. Put down the bong and lose the skateboards in the halls!