Animated Atoms From 1stAveMachine and IBM

Congrats to director Nico Casavecchia, 1stAveMachine, Ogilvy and the big brains at IBM. You’ve made the tiniest film, ever. No one is going to top a stop-motion film that’s made by moving atoms. Taking the Guinness World Record for “World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Film”, the short was created by moving individual carbon monoxide molecules and photographing each frame at 100 million times magnification. Amazing.

Now further expand your mind by watching this behind the scenes from the atom research team at IBM:

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather North America
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Simpson
Executive Creative Director: Susan Westre
GCD/Art Director: Mike Hahn
GCD/Copywriter: Ryan Blank
Associate Creative Director: Niels West
Associate Creative Director: Ricardo Leme Lopes
Copywriter: Niels West
Copywriter: Lauren Costa
Art Director: Ramona Todoca
Art Director: Ricardo Leme Lopes
Executive Producer: Lee Weiss
Partner/Producer: Alicia Zuluaga

Production Company: 1st Ave Machine
Director: Nico Casavecchia
Executive Producer: Sam Penfield
Line Producer: Leanne Amos
Post Producer: Michelle Seidenfrau
Lead 3D: Beau Burrows

Editorial Company: Hooligan NYC
Editor: Peter Mostert
Producer: Lauren Basile
Assistant Editor: Stephanie Crane
Graphics: Lisa Kwon

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