Artist: Jay Keeree

Info from Keeree: “This project was made for Design for Motion class I took at Savannah College of Art and Design. For this project, the challenge was to create a piece about mythology using and experimenting with tactile materials. To bring something new to the table, I decided to go with something that comes from my culture.

“So this piece is called “Illumination”. It is inspired by a natural phenomena called “Naga Fireball”, which happens in a region Thailand every year in a form of balls of light emerging from water. It is believed to be a signal from a Naga that lives in the underworld. Long story short, this symbolizes the moment of enlightenment, the ultimate goals of Buddhism. To create this, I looked into various religious and spiritual art and used them as inspirations. I used gold leaf, aluminum foil, paper, crystals, and images to create compositions that contain interesting textures. As a result, I ended up with visuals that are unexpected and less computer-generated. From this project, I learn to experiment with new materials and assets that are outside of my usual comfort zone.”

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