Artist: Mark Gustafson
Studio: LAIKA/house

Info from LAIKA/house: “These images are production and character designs for a stop motion-based campaign featuring Millennials hanging out in their favorite bar. Of course, these Millennials just happened to be exotic animals of the Serengeti… The bar itself was based on an African safari camp mashed up with a hint of colonial elegance and a smattering of sports channels and “show ‘em your…animal parts” party-time. The dark, cool lounge is deep and atmospheric – graphically juxtaposing with the bright, roasting hot exterior light.

“Our animal actors were designed to be actual physical puppets, highly detailed and fully articulated. The high level of design and character fabrication was needed to bring each character to life through “character think.” When you watch any real or created animal processing information in their heads and with expression — not necessarily talking, but reacting – they become relate-able and alive. Our goal was to provide arresting visuals and charming, naturalistic performances from our cast of animal characters.”

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