Artists: Cagan Yuksel / Rik Oostenbroek / Nate Howe

Background info from Yuksel: “The opportunity was given by Maurice Marable directly to me. I have done previous work for him and he was confident enough for my vision to meet his needs. I was bidding against the top shops in the world and had 3 days to execute!

“Goal was to portray a journey through the world of BET in the era that the brief stated. We have captured a moment of transition in the beginning by using our audience to transform into the celebrity mind… into their world of BET. The journey took you to the ultimate destination which is the BET awards.

“In between Rik / Nate and I we have designed over 70 frames in 2 days and then I took over and created one seamless campaign from all our work and untied all work under one look.

“Rik contributed from Holland, Nate from LA and I was in my home office in New Jersey. Rik Came up with 1 Main frame which contained 1200 photoshop layers in it!”

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