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New from Beeple: “Transparent Machines”

Best known for his music-driven motion projects including hundreds of abstract eye-candy clips released under Creative Commons and screened at concerts by, deadmau5, Skrillex, Tiësto, Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus, Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple), a graphic designer/animator/director from Appleton, Wisconsin takes a darker turn in his new rendering-intensive short “Transparent Machines” to explore our conflicted relationship with privacy.

Mike Winkelmann: “Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. We are outraged’ by the actions of the NSA, yet continue to willfully upload more and more of our personal information to Facebook and Google. This film explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency.”

Directed by: Beeple
Sound design: Standingwave
Music: Hecq
Voice over: Rachel Salaman

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