bestbefore and the Challenge of Abstraction

Berlin-based artist/VJ/animator Andreas Karaoulanis (aka bestbefore) twists his computer science and illustration backgrounds together into animated collages for installations and live performances that you will find either riveting or irritating depending on your tolerance for pure abstraction.

I found myself watching Karaoulanis’ work (often created in collaboration with musician Antonis Anissegos) repeatedly over several days trying to understand why I liked them so much: the extraordinary compositions and careful muted pallets recalled 20th Century collagists and painters, the randomness and welcome surprises of the motion kept me intrigued in lieu of a narrative… but in the end, deconstructing the pieces was just an exercise, like trying to understand the full body serotonin rush of eating your favorite dessert by examining the recipe card.

And writing about motion art often feels like dancing about architecture (to paraphrase Martin Mull), so I’ll just let it go for now and continue watching…

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