Carl Erik Rinsch and MPC for Deutsche Telekom

Never one to aim low, director Carl Erik Rinsch orchestrates “a visual metaphor representing the body, nature and the universe” via the 3D muscle of MPC to illustrate the interconnectivity of the Deutsche Telekom system. The 35 seconds of CG animation was completed in a month using Houdini and custom procedurals “to echo patterns in nature and render hundreds of millions of particles.” Agency: DDB Tribal Germany.

Client: Deutsche Telekom AG
Agency: DDB Tribal Germany
Creative Director: Philipp Dietz, Bahador Pakravesh
Head of TV: Meike van Meegen

Film Production: Markenfilm GmbH & CO. KG
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Executive Producer: Katie Stiebel
Visual Effect Producer: Chris Fieldhouse / Home
Director of Photography: Ottar Gudnason

Head of 3D: Andy Boyd
3D Supervisor: Dan Marsh
2D Supervisor: Jake Montgomery
Animators: Charles Trippe, Arrev Chentekian, Jelmer Hoekstra, Kirsten Eggleston
Lighting: Andy Boyd, Dan Marsh, Corrine Deorsay
Previs: Tyler Lancaster
Concept Art Lead: Casey McIntryre
Concept Artists: Ram Bhat, Tony Meister,
2D Compositing: Ben Persons, Chris Howard, Ryan Knowles
Telecine: Derek Hansen
Executive Producer: Asher Edwards
Deputy Head of Production: Mike Wigart
VFX Producer: Juliet Tierney

Perfomance Capture & Body VFX: Ghost Town Media

Editorial Co: Cut & Run
Editor: Frank Effron
Assistant Editor: Russell August Anderson

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