RSA draws “Parallel Lines” for Philips Cinema

From a single piece of dialogue (“It’s a unicorn”) and no direction or setting, timescale or language, Ridley Scott Associates composed the basis for 5 upcoming short films for Phillips Cinema with RSA directors Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott and Hi-Sim each creating their own unique narrative. Neil Dawson, Philips Chief […] [Read more]

Psyop Augments Esquires Grip On Reality

Psyop and The Barbarian Group have incorporated interactivity and print into Esquire magazine’s special “Augmented Reality” issue. With design and animated 3D elements from Psyop, The Barbarian Group programmed the full AR experience. Tour Esquire’s Augmented Reality Issue [Read more]

Bif, The Mill Create Nokia Demon

Created for the launch of the Nokia N900 smartphone, this online short with a surrealist twist was commissioned by experimental marketing agency Jack Morton and directed by David Masters. The kinetic transformation and subtle visual effects come courtesy of The Mill‘s CG directing trio Bif (Fabrice Le Nezet, Francois Roisin and Jules Janaud). Watch “The […] [Read more]

FilmTecknarna to Invade New York

Stockholm animation legends FilmTecknarna will officially land a full studio in New York soon under the direction of EP Bill Hewes. The company will be repped stateside by Judy Wolff (East Coast), Hilly Reps (Midwest), Reber Covington (West Coast) and Hesty Reps (Canada). Lars Ohlson, who co-founded FilmTecknarna (with classmates Jonas Odell and Stig Bergqvist) […] [Read more]

The Vendor/Client Budget Dance

Sound familiar? Watch “The Vendor Client Relationship – in real world relationships” [Read more]

Addikt Weaves “Favela Fabric”

The metaphor of favelas as self-organizing communities of co-creation, is the inspiration behind creative consultancy agency Favela Fabric. Addikt and André Bouwman were asked to team up and create this online video for the agency, that would briefly explain their methods and beliefs. Watch “Favela Fabric” [Read more]