Every year the graduate animation class at the Gobelins school in Paris produce films that double as intros at the Annecy animation fest. They are always spectacular and this year is no different. My top three… Burning  Safari Vincent AUPETIT, Florent de LA TAILLE, Jeanne IRZENSKI, Maxime MALEO, Aurélien PREDAL, Claude-William TREBUTIEN Pyrats Yves BIGEREL, […] [Read more]

Sket One takes on food culture

Graffiti artist and toymaker Sket One has created five fantastic little creatures for the Subcultures show (which is on now at Channel 1 in New Haven CT until mid-August), blending his own breed of toy design with everyday household products.  [Via NotCot]   [Read more]

New City Guide

Shift, the genius Japanese design ezine, has started a  A New City Guide. The idea here is that for each major city, Shift in coordination with designers in that area, will keep you updated to the best of design, fashion, events, etc. Right now there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of contributions (though […] [Read more]

Beautiful Losers

                    Beautiful Losers Video Recap and Documentary. Super cool exhibit currently touring Italy featuring work from Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Andy Jenkins, Kaws, et al. [Read more]


Blogger scams his way past heavy security and into fancy-ass opening night party at new Mac store in NYC to rub shoulders with Mr. Jobs and get one degree closer to Kevin Bacon. Okay, it’s not like tagging Air Force One but at least this is real. And no ponitificating. [Read more]


We seem to be on an event kick here so I thought I’d throw in Sonar 2006 – don’t know a thing about it except what I see on the site; The "13th Barcelona International Festival of Advanced music and Multimedia". Looks like a brilliant line up for tunes and visuals. Does JetBlue fly JFK-Barcelona? [Read more]