Perception Lands on Planet Hulk

Marvel Studio and Lions Gate just-released Planet Hulk on Blu-Ray complete with this ambitious CG title sequence by New York’s Perception. Check behind the scenes here. Watch the Planet Hulk titles [Read more]

The Zombie Apocalypse Cometh

This excellent zombie bashing video is the recently released teaser for “A.D.” a proposed CG animated horror-adventure written by Haylar Garcia. So far all that exists of A.D. is this well executed promo from director Ben Hibon (of Codehunters fame), that was produced by Bernie Goldmann (best known for Land Of The Dead and 300), […] [Read more]

Sundance 2010 Rebels With Buck

Kicking off each screening at this year’s Sundance Film Festival will be one of these four engaging short films from Buck. Extolling the virtues of the festival’s rebel past, the new campaign keeps its style rough, gritty and hand-made. Buck CDs: Orion Tait, Ryan Honey. Watch all 4 Sundance 2010 clips [Read more]

Bl:nd’s Bits & Pieces

Having exhausted the full budget for his new dystopian sci-fi thriller Bits & Pieces on the live-action component, director Allen Martinez was left short when it came to completing a :60 second expository montage. Thankfully for Martinez, Chris Do Executive CD at bi-coastal design studio Bl:nd (and former classmate from the Art Center) was there […] [Read more]

Avatar Trailer Finally Shows Up Online

Visual candy abounds in this just released trailer for James (don’t call me Jimmy) Cameron for his long-awaited next feature Avatar. Now that you’ve seen a glimpse, has the glow surrounding this VFX epic faded or grown? Pick your HD preview size here. [Read more]

TRON vs The Fantastic Mr. Fox

There’s not much in common between these two films except both are based on classic and beloved source material (TRON on the pioneering 1982 Disney film, Mr. Fox on Roald Dahl’s 1970 children’s novel). You could see it as a stop motion vs CG/VFX battle. But I think we all know in the end the […] [Read more]