Pic Pic André Strikes Again!

After the huge success of the Cravendale’s ads for W+K London, Yellow House proudly presents the first feature film directed by Pic Pic André: Panique au Village. The stop-motion lunacy will touch down on Belgian screens on June 17th, with its French debut in October. Watch the trailer for Panique au Village [Read more]

Blomkamp, Jackson go to District 9

Neil Blomkamp’s 2005 mini-masterwork “Alive in Joberg” makes the leap to the big screen this summer with the exec producing help of Peter Jackson. Renamed District 9, the feature version appears to stick closely to the original concept of unwelcome, uncooperative aliens hovering over South Africa and freaking out the locals. (although you can read […] [Read more]

Attack of Boolab’s Boob Monster

The latest from Boolab is this preview of an epic story of amplified bosoms wrought from a building-sized silicone monster countered by a team of sporty women. Directed by Nico Casavecchia, the eye-rolling mock trailer was created for Teaserland the first International Fake Trailers Festival. Watch “The Silicone Monster Hits Town” [Read more]

Fear(s) of the Dark

A feature-length collection of six sinister tales based on the talents of comic and graphic artists – Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Richard McGuire. A veritable banquet of animation styles all lovingly rendered in spookified black and white. Watch “Fear(s) of the Dark Trailer. [Read more]

Shine Wraps Up Kung Fu Panda

Design and branding studio Shine created this 8-minute end credit sequence for DreamWork’s Kung Fu Panda. And yes, that is Jack Black singing “Kung Fu Fighting” as remixed by Cee-Lo Green. Creative director on the project was Michael Riley of Shine. Watch the final credits here. [Read more]

Imaginary Forces Create Imaginary Island

For the April release of the family friendly “Nim’s Island”, Imaginary Forces used a lively paper-cut style of animation in their creation of the film’s title and credit sequence. Told from the lead character’s point of view, the titles encapsulate the whimsical nature of a child’s world of innocence and playfulness. Watch the end titles […] [Read more]