Dragon Hunting with Mac Guff

The Mac Guff studios in Paris have a long and solid reputation for commercial animation and VFX but “Chasseurs de Dragon” is their first venture into the massive workload of a feature film. According to AWN “Up to 150 persons worked on the project, but on a daily basis the average was about 90 artists. […] [Read more]

From Book to Music Video To Feature

From French director Stéphane Berla comes this haunting music video for French group Dionysos & Olivia Ruiz. The track “Tais-toi mon coeur” from the album “La Mécanique du coeur” was composed as a soundtrack to the book of the same title by Mathias Malzieu. Set in 1874, the story revolves around a young man whose […] [Read more]

MK12 Opens The Kite Runner

With the release of their stylish and edgy epic “History of America” and now the title sequence for one of the most peril-surrounded films made in the last year The Kite Runner, the team at MK12 are having a golden start to 2008. Marc Foster, the film’s director has previously worked with MK12 on the […] [Read more]

I Am Legend Shorts

Since the first of the I Am Legend animated short films popped up online to promote the theatrical release of the feature film, I wanted to track down the studio that created these creepy painted wonders, but for one reason or another (mainly forgetfulness) never had the chance. So today in my Inbox comes an […] [Read more]

10 Best Title Sequences

In anticipation of the Oscars this weekend, CBC Film News posted this article on the art of feature film opening titles; “Credit where it’s due: Juno and the revival of opening title sequences”. It’s an endearing tribute with all the usual suspects present and accounted for (Saul Bass, Kyle Cooper, etc), but have a look […] [Read more]


In the words of Stash producer Brandon DeMarco when asked to critically comment on this game teaser from Neill Blomkamp all I received was "Halo is awesome." That it is, Brandon, that it is. There’s no mistake your looking at yet another media component of the best selling game franchise of the last 6 years […] [Read more]