TRESALCUBO is a Latinamerican animation and visual effects company. Based in Buenos Aires City , is an inspiring creative place, integrated by a staff of talented artists and professionals, focused on providing visual solutions in motion for the Entertainment Industry.Tresalcubo specializes in CG Animation and Visual Effects for Commercials, Film and TV, Advertising and Marketing, […] [Read more]

A Scanner Darkly : Developing the Look

An interesting mutimedia presentation from the New York Times on developing the look for Richard Linklater’s “A Scanner Darkly” Check it out here [Read more]


This clip contains absolutely no animation or vfx but you may find it extremely therapeutic after, say… the ninth round of bullshit revisions by a client with no brains and fewer balls. Good for other occasions too – mostly to do with, say… ex-significant others.     [Read more]


Although none of the remixed trailer winners look much different than the official trailers, I’m gonna go with the audience choice – “A Civil War Of The Mind” by Peter Butler of Austin, TX – as the one that most makes me want to see the flick. Kudos to RES and Jumpcut for the contest. […] [Read more]