Picture Mill: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Picture Mill in LA combine live action and CG for this stereoscopic hematological sequence in Timur Bekmambetov’s visceral revision of US history. [Read more]

Mischa Rozema’s “Sundays” on Kickstarter

PostPanic founder and CD Mischa Rozema launched his Kickstarter campaign today for “Sundays,” a feature film he calls “intelligent science fiction… about what it means to be human.” There are a ton of cool gifts for donating and his extremely well-made Kickstarter video is full of brilliant production art and style frames. [Read more]

Home Run for Hoxton Redsox

Recently founded by VFX veterans Paul McGeoch, Stefan Gerstheimer, Mikko Martikainen and Giancarlo Bonati in Londons’ East End, VFX studio Hoxton Redsox has kept a relatively low profile until the recent release of this Prometheus viral directed by Johnny Hardstaff on which they “replaced all backgrounds with CG sets, composited live action plates and animated […] [Read more]

Iloura and Tippett Studio Wrangle “Ted” for Seth McFarlane

  Melbourne’s Iloura and Tippett Studio in Berkeley, CA, are the VFX shops behind the R-rated titular fuzz ball in Seth McFarlane’s directorial feature debut and from the looks of the trailer they nailed the animation and integration, fully capitalizing on the chemistry between McFarlane (as the voice of Ted) and Mark Wahlberg’s man-child. [Read more]

Blur Opens Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

According to Blur co-founder and ECD Tim Miller, David Fincher’s brief for the all-CG Girl With the Dragon Tattoo titles went something like this: “All that I’m asking you to do, is reinvent any expectations of what a title sequence could be.” Hey. No pressure. From the beginning, David’s goal was to tell the entire […] [Read more]

“The Goon” Looking Killer at Blur

If this proof of concept 3D animated short is any indication, the David Fincher and Blur feature adaptation of Eric Powell’s “The Goon” series (published by Dark Horse) is going to be absolutely frigging killer. Literally. That’s Paul Giamatti voicing Franky, the Goon’s sidekick. Watch “The Goon” here [Read more]