Stash Latin America Book and DVD

Among the many joys of editing Stash Magazine, the most satisfying by far is the opportunity to showcase worthy talent to a wider audience. The hunt for that talent involves tracking hundreds of animation, VFX and motion studios across six continents. After seven years in the business, we were fully confident in our system and […] [Read more]

MPC Unveils X-Men: First Class VFX Breakdown

Beast transformation, Riptide hurricanes and Magneto yacht destruction VFX mysteries revealed. The MPC crew of 100, lead by VFX super Nicolas Aithadi, worked with VFX legend John Dykstra for eight months to deliver 125 shots in total. [Read more]

Magic Tripping with Imaginary Forces

Check Imaginary Forces‘ work on Alex Gibney’s new documentary called “Magic Trip” which details a psychotropic 1964 cross-country jaunt lead by Ken Kesey (the author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”) Karin Fong and team created “a trippy, animated visual language” for the main titles and another film within the film sequence. [Read more]

Shane Acker and Gnomon: “Plus Minus”

Check this trailer for a new CG feature called “Plus Minus” underway at Gnomon Studios in LA based on an idea by director Shane Acker (Oscar-nominated for “9”), co-directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas and crewed by students from the Gnomon school of Visual Effects. [Read more]

Prologue Tears Up “The Losers”

Prologue motion director/designer Giovanni Bucci animated and edited typography and illustrations sourced from “The Losers” comic into these striking end credits for the Warner Bros adaptation. Bucci: “I deconstructed the flat 2D images and re-built them in 3D space in order to use depth of field and achieve a cinema look. I also mixed and […] [Read more]

Incepted In 60 Seconds

The thinking man’s blockbuster of 2010 gets a Victorian style make-under in “Inception In 60 Seconds” by Wolfgang Matzl. Created by taking frame by frame photographs of paper cut outs, the film was one of 10 finalists for the Jameson Empire Awards – Done in 60 Seconds contest. [Read more]