“No Pets Allowed” in the StudioNEST

Check this trailer for an upcoming animated feature from Barcelona’s Sixbirds and their CG arm called StudioNEST. Very exciting to see this quality of work coming from a city outside the US, Sydney, London, Paris quadrangle. Directed by Headless. Watch “No Pets Allowed” trailer [Read more]

(Fincher + Blur) x Powell = “The Goon”

Late last year on a tour of Blur Studios, Jeff Fowler showed me an early 3D motion test for the feature adaptation of Eric Powell’s graphic novels “The Goon”. Now comes word of meatier grisly fun. This new teaser, posted by Dark Horse Comics on Facebook, brings together Blur’s talents for physical comedy (seen in […] [Read more]

Sucker Punch Trailer

Here’s the latest tour-de-force, stylized to the hilt, film trailer from director Zack Synder of Watchmen and 300 fame. Sucker Punch was penned by Snyder and Steve Shibuya and will released in March of 2011. So from now until then, all we have is a few quick shots of CG dragons and over-sized samurai to […] [Read more]

Azureus Rises From Black Sun

Created as proof-of-concept for a prospective feature film trilogy, Azureus Rising is an impressive cinematic work from Black Sun Entertainment. Directed by David Weinstein, the trilogy will cover the epic tale of “self discovery, obligation and love against all odds” of freedom fighter Azureus.Watch Azureus Rising – Proof of Concept [Read more]

Tarik Saleh Journeys to “Metropia”

Check this excerpt from Metropia, the new feature film from Mr. Hyde director Tarik Saleh. Animated with Photoshop’d stills, the film imagines a dystopian future Europe where the dictatorship keeps the populous under control with mind-reading shampoo. Yes, shampoo. Watch the Metropia clip [Read more]

The Matter with Leftchannel

These wonderfully textured titles for a doc about Swiss mid-century modernist Herbert Matter earned leftchannel a finalist slot at the 2010 SXSW film titles competition. Watch “The Visual Language of Herbert Matter” [Read more]