Terrible, Thanks For Asking Animated Podcast Intro Demo Duck.com | STASH MAGAZINE

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” Intro by Demo Duck

“Terrible, Thanks For Asking” animated podcast intro by Demo Duck [Read more]

Nothing is Original by Poligonic Jim Jarmusch | STASH MAGAZINE

“Nothing is Original” via Poligonic and Jim Jarmusch

Nothing is Original’ is an extract of the article ‘Things I’ve Learned: Jim Jarmusch’ published in MovieMaker Magazine #53 and written by Jim Jarmusch.” [Read more]

A$ASP Rocky Pitch Radio | STASH MAGAZINE

Sweet A$AP Rocky Pitch Plus Three More by Radio

Check this wonderfully fluid animated looping pitch work for a recent A$AP Rocky music video plus three more recent clips in a variety of styles from Radio, a production company with studios in London and Cape Town. [Read more]

March for Our Lives “Ban Assault Weapons” by And/Or

One of six infographic videos designed and animated by Brooklyn creative shop And/Or for the 2018 March For Our Lives rally. [Read more]

The Guardian Teachers In America animated explainer video George Shelbourn | STASH MAGAZINE

Guardian US “Teachers In America” by Mute

As part of their Teacher Takeover initiative where American teachers guest-edit news pieces on their failing schools, Guardian US commissioned director George Shelbourn at Mute in London to convey the raw emotion involved. [Read more]


BBC Two: Brand Refresh IDs x 16

UK brand agency Superunion calls on an array of UK and international studios to rebrand BBC Two and reflect the diversity of its programming with 16 broadcast IDs all anchored by the curve of the numeral 2. [Read more]