Creativity Explained "On Color with Eddie Opara" by Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

Creativity Explained “On Color with Eddie Opara” by Oddfellows

Oddfellows ECD Chris Kelly in Portland, OR: “Multifaceted design-mind and Pentagram partner, Eddie Opara sheds light on color and helps demystify the rainbow.” [Read more]

Guardian Labs "The Right Social Worker Changes Everything" by Claire Pinegar | STASH MAGAZINE

Guardian Labs “The Right Social Worker Changes Everything” by Claire Pinegar

Director/animator Claire Pinegar in London: “[This is] a film for Guardian Labs and Wandsworth Council highlighting how vital the right social worker can be for young people in care. [Read more]

Mercado McCann Wants to Know: Is this the "Best Coke Ever?" | STASH MAGAZINE

Is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar the “Best Coke Ever?”

The creative team at Buenos Aires agency Mercado McCann lets loose with a flurry of techniques and styles in these irreverent spots, the anchors of a new global campaign for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. [Read more]

Eahwee "Shame ft. Melanin 9" Music Video by Ruffmercy | STASH MAGAZINE

Eahwee “Shame ft. Melanin 9” Music Video by Ruffmercy

Director/animator Russ Murphy in London: “Early this year London producer Eahwee asked me if I’d be up for making a video for “Shame” off the upcoming Solitude EP. I loved the rawness of the track and saw it as a chance to try out an idea I recently had but not yet executed.” [Read more]

Mezamé Brand Film by José Teixeira and AIM Creative Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Mezamé Brand Film by José Teixeira and AIM Creative Studios

This intricate and fluid film crafted by director José Teixeira and the crew at AIM Creative Studios in Lisbon, escorts us gently into the world of Mezamé, a non-traditional psychological therapy practice. [Read more]

Applied Materials “We Work Here” Brand Film by Midnight Sherpa | STASH MAGAZINE

Midnight Sherpa Deep Dives Into the Nanosphere for Applied Materials

How do you turn an exposition-heavy and obsessively accurate three-minute depiction of atomic-level chip engineering into a visual adventure? LA studio Midnight Sherpa and agency Bruce Silverstein & Associates have a few ideas. [Read more]