ESPN "College Football Playoffs" by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

ESPN “College Football Playoffs” by Tendril

The centerpiece of a large broadcast package for ESPN, this film by director Vitaly Grossmann and the Tendril team ramps up high-style CG to create a “graphical language that metaphorically captures the essence of the College Football Playoffs.” [Read more]

"Between Two & Three" by Mestremotion and Hitabarity 3D | STASH MAGAZINE

“Between Two & Three” by Mestremotion and Hitabarity 3D

Marcel Hita (Hitabarity 3D) and Jaume Mestre (Mestremotion) in Barcelona: “This was a self-promoted project mixing 2D motion design rhythm with a 3D shading and look. The purpose was to experiment with motion design principles, mixing styles, and wondering what the result would be when forgetting about boundaries. [Read more]

BMW China "History of Horsepower" by Ariel Costa | STASH MAGAZINE

BMW China “History of Horsepower” by Ariel Costa (Director’s Cut)

Director Ariel Costa’s collage mastery takes center stage in this rampaging brand film targeting young car buyers and created specifically to run on BMW’s new channel on the Chinese video platform bilibili. [Read more]

Lotus Bluetooth Speaker Product Concept by MyFlower Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Lotus Bluetooth Speaker Product Concept by MyFlower Studio

Sylvain Tardiveau, director/motion designer at MyFlower Studio in Albi, France: “The Lotus Bluetooth speaker is currently still under development but the client wanted to highlight the stunning design and the wood material as well as illustrate the fabulous acoustic properties of the wood. [Read more]

Disney "Use Your Voice" MLK Day Promo by Creative Mammals | STASH MAGAZINE

Disney “Use Your Voice” MLK Day Promo by Creative Mammals

Creative Mammals design agency in Atlanta: “The creative team at Disney Branded Television tasked us with creating a 45-second animation celebrating civil rights activist and international hero, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [Read more]

MTV "Summer 2021" Promo by Consulado | STASH MAGAZINE

MTV “Summer 2021” Promo by Consulado

São Paulo creative studio Consulado helps MTV celebrate Brazilian summer 2021 with this short and perfectly crazed broadcast promo based on wonderful illustration work and loopy characters. [Read more]