Apple Peak Performance Tomorrow Bureau James Brocklebank | STASH MAGAZINE

Apple “Peak Performance” Brand Films by Tomorrow Bureau

From the team at Tomorrow Bureau in London: “Apple work at the vanguard of creativity. We partnered with them to develop an original artwork designed to propel our creative practice forward to new levels of complexity and detail.” [Watch]

Xeros The Power of Change Product Films by Found Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Xeros “The Power of Change” Product Films by Found Studio

From the team at Found Studio in London: “Xeros’ filtration technology captures microplastics and microfibres as water drains out of a washing machine. Using macro lenses and extreme depth-of-field, we show both the extent of the problem and the solution up close.” [Watch]

Eagle-Ottawa-Immersion-Product-Film-Lunar-North | STASH MAGAZINE

Eagle Ottawa “Immersion” Product Film by Lunar North

Creative director Marcus Mullins and the team at Detroit design, animation, and post house Lunar North assemble an elegant and richly tactile product film for premium automotive leather brand Eagle Ottawa. [Watch]

Stash 154 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Westworld Titles Season 4 by Antibody | STASH MAGAZINE

Antibody Updates Westworld Titles for Season 4

In 2016, with his Emmy for Main Title Design on The Man In The High Castle in hand, Patrick Clair set out to redefine what hi-tech horror felt like with his opening for Westworld on HBO. This fourth iteration mixes familiar imagery from past seasons with stark new themes and symbols. [Watch]

Intel Sensations Art Film Hussain Almossawi | STASH MAGAZINE

Intel “Sensations” Art Film by Hussain Almossawi and Mossawi Studios

Hussain Almossawi, founder/director at Mossawi Studios in Brooklyn, NY: “In this collaboration with Intel, we created a short art film that visually evokes different emotions and feelings through motion, sound, color, and form.” [Watch]