Natural Atlas App Brand Film by BluBlu Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Natural Atlas App Brand Film by BluBlu Studios

Director Jacob Kurek and the design and animation team at BluBlu craft a prismatic explainer for Natural Atlas, an interactive app designed to connect users with nature and a community of fellow naturalists. [Watch]

SXSW Sydney 2023 launch Film | STASH MAGAZINE

SXSW Sydney 2023 Launch Film

The South by Southwest Festival announces its first international edition will go live in Sydney in October 2023 with this multi-technique animated film by hometown directors Danny Stern and Jonathan Pui thru Present Company. [Watch]

The Long Game Short Film Abraham E | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Long Game” Short Film by Abraham E.

UK Motion designer Abraham E.: “With a greater focus on visual storytelling, I revisited one of my favorite videos on the realities of the creative journey, narrated by creative director Matthew Encina and produced by online education platform The Futur.” [Watch]

BibleProject-Blessing-and-Curse-Ordinary-Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

BibleProject “Blessing & Curse” Explainer by Ordinary Folk

In their latest motion work for Portland-based nonprofit BibleProject, creative director Jorge R. Canedo E. and his team at Ordinary Folk craft a swirling, painterly, and approachable look at dichotomies in Christian scripture. [Watch]

CX-Shanghai-Art-Installation-Onformative | STASH MAGAZINE

CX-Shanghai Data-Driven Art Installation by Onformative

From the team at digital art and design studio onformative in Berlin: “For the commercial and cultural center TX Huaihai in Shanghai, onformative was invited to develop permanent digital art content, picking up on the topic of urbanization. [Watch]

UN Equality Our Final Frontier Jonny Kofoed Assembly | STASH MAGAZINE

UN “Equality: Our Final Frontier” by Jonny Kofoed and Assembly

Jonny Kofoed, director and founding partner at Assembly in Auckland, New Zealand, helps UN Women make the case we should tackle global gender equality before grand schemes like bionic eyes, walking on Mars, and a moon colony. [Watch]