"Cognos Analytics with IBM" Explainer by Andrew Vucko | STASH MAGAZINE

“Cognos Analytics with IBM” Explainer by Andrew Vucko

Designer/director Andrew Vucko in Toronto: “Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled platform that visualizes and analyzes data for anyone in an organization. [Read more]

"TFL: Retail" Explainer Video by Alessandro Novelli | STASH MAGAZINE

“TFL: Retail” Explainer Video by Alessandro Novelli

Director Alessandro Novelli in London: “TFL: Retail was commissioned by The Future Laboratory agency in London, a seamless journey among the different evolutions of retail services, from industrial mass production to on-line shopping, and the need of many shopkeepers to move forward towards a reformed retail system. [Read more]

OneBlade Brand Films by PlayBack.Design | STASH MAGAZINE

OneBlade Brand Films by PlayBack.design

How do you convince the shaving public that a single-bladed razor is not only worth a luxury price (up to $400) but is also a highly engineered, must-have objet d’art? The crew at PlayBack.design in Lithuania has a few beautiful ideas. [Read more]

"A Wilderness of Error" Broadcast Package by Impactist for FX Networks | STASH MAGAZINE

“A Wilderness of Error” Broadcast Package by Impactist for FX Networks

Directors Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing reflect on the compounded mistakes inherent in a murder investigation to generate amorphous and atmospheric visuals for the five-part FX docu-series A Wilderness of Error. [Read more]

Think with Google "Machine Learning Fairness" by The Furrow | STASH MAGAZINE

Think with Google “Machine Learning Fairness” by The Furrow

ECD Eric Lohman and the crew of animators and illustrators at The Furrow in Lexington, KY, partner with digital agency Grow to help Think With Google make an elegant and engaging case for “building fairness into your machine learning model.” [Read more]

Art&Graft Celebrates 10 Years with Visual Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Celebrates 10 Years with Visual Manifesto

London design and motion force Art&Graft (who recently graced the cover of Stash 144 with their Boing Channel rebrand) just released an ambitious and energized retrospective of their first decade in the business. [Read more]