Have you ever wondered if those storefront mannequins are real people or plastic –or a combination of the two? The new effects-based spot for sugar-free Jell-O out of LA-based Trio Films plays into this confusion by magically morphing plastic models into real dancing beauties. The transformed break out of a picture window display and wiggle […] [Read more]

Mikros Image – New Reel 2007

The French post production house, Mikros Image has over 20 years of experience working in the audio visual sector. Their latest show reel has a few oldies in there that still stand strong, even up against their latest work: check out >>>>>>   [Read more]

A Peek under the hood at ILM

For those of you who are interested in visual effects, this post is for you. ILM just launched a microsite showcasing their work on the second installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. They’ve got an interactive viewer that allows you to see what the footage looked like when it was shot all the […] [Read more]


Check the new spot from Jonathan Glazer and Mother London that Motorola has apparently refused to air and no one else involved will talk about. Smells suspiciously like a bit of manufactured scandal designed to pump up viral action, but whatever, the visuals are mesmerizing and freakishly beautiful. The spot was to be (and if […] [Read more]

Shilo Deals BlackJack for Cingular + Samsung

  The gang at Shilo deals up a sweet new spot for Samsung’s sleek new do-it-all handheld, the BlackJack. David Blaine has nothing on these guys. In addition to directing the spot, the multi-talented crew were responsible for: design, animation & editorial. Playing out in a single uninteruppted take, the  :30 titled "BlackJack Flourish,"  just […] [Read more]


The superlative VFX peeps at The Mill will no doubt be shaking up the west coast VFX scene when they officially open a facility in LA in Jan ’07 by moving 12 current staffers from the New York and London studios. (Quick facts: the London office opened in 1990,NY office opened in 2002 with a […] [Read more]