“Catzilla”: Raucous, Realtime, Feline Fun

At first this appears to be yet another frenetic action CG short, but “Catzilla” – created by Polish studios Plastic Demoscene and Platige Image – is more (and less) than it seems.

Here’s Micha? Staniszewski at Plastic Demoscene in Warsaw to explain: “Because ‘Catzilla’ is a PC benchmark, we had to program it in a such way, that it will work faster without any limits on very fast and big computers. On the other hand it had to work on very slow and small ones too. So it was quite a task”.

“We were responsible for the technical part of the benchmark, mainly for the engine. The biggest challenge was to design a pipeline to translate an animated short to realtime animation. We worked on the programming for seven months and the movie for four months.”

And from Platige Image: “The animation in the benchmark is played in real time, so in this case we were able to skip the rendering process. That shortened the production time, but posed a challenge as well: The textures and models designed by our artists had to be limited in size so that the engine could work properly.”

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