CHanneL [V] Evolution

cks memorial hall .jpg the great buddha .jpg the lighthouse.jpg

Evolution is the key concept of these three IDs.

Channel [V] Taiwan has transcended from a music network to an integral enhanced entertainment channel. Inspired by the idea of evolution and infinite power, Channel [V] will no longer be limited to providing music updates, but also the latest entertainment news as well as some of the most exciting and engaging TV shows, in which we proudly presents a transformed new look to our audience. The slogan of the project is, ” The World keeps Evolving. ” Architectures and shooting sites appeared in these films are all significant and representing landmarks to Taiwanese people. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall was constructed in memory of fellow war heroes who dedicated their lives in overthrowing the communist regime. However, as the idealistic motive has become history, it shall be a site evolved into an environmental holy ground for our planet earth. The Great Buddha of Baguashan, after hundreds of years idolized worships, the Buddha shall evolve and bring forth his worshippers’ wishes to another world. Situated on the southernmost tip of Taiwan, The lighthouse of Eluanbi has been the guiding light to most of the boats in the area for more than 100 years. After its evolution, it shall bring forth an eternal light for all mankind.

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