COLLIDER Master Class: Integrating 3D Dynamics into a Motion Graphics Workflow

On June 9th, join designer/director Dave Glanz for his Collider master class “Integrating 3D Dynamics into a Motion Graphics Workflow“.

Creating high level motion graphics for broadcast in today’s world of tighter budgets and shorter deadlines means artists must take advantage of every time saving tool at their disposal. Rigid body physics-based dynamics software is one of those tools when understood and applied effectively can mean the difference between profit and loss on a project. In this class we examine the use of Cinema 4D’s built-in mograph module with its rigid body dynamics engine. You will learn how this powerful tool was crucial in creating animations for three real-world projects and how you can apply these workflows to your own productions.

With motion design credits on some of television’s highest rated shows, Dave Glanz is one of the “most viewed” broadcast designers in the industry. A PromaxBDA award-winning motion graphics designer with over 10 years of experience, Dave works with a diverse range of clients including Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, History, PBS, Arm & Hammer, and the American Film Institute on projects like Mythbusters, Sharkweek, Storm Chasers, Deadliest Catch and Modern Marvels.

REGISTER NOW for Integrating 3D Dynamics into a Motion Graphics Workflow
Date: June 9th, 4:00pm
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