Comedy Central Rebrand Sneak Peak


Just got back from a briefing at Comedy Central where the design team unveiled the channel’s first full rebrand in 10 years. Gone are the familiar (and well-worn) urban street art motifs, replaced by this clean, verging-on-austere design the CC brass believes better suits the breadth of their content and the many platforms it screens on.

The network gathered pitches from seven design companies with The Lab winning the assignment for what SVP/CD Bob Salazar noted as the NY studio’s masterful grasp of how the network would be perceived across all media. The Lab is now working closely with the CC in-house design team to hit the January 11 launch date for the new look and logo.

Watch the Comedy Central rebrand “Vibe Reel”

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8 Responses to “Comedy Central Rebrand Sneak Peak”
  1. Of course, there’s already a parody Twitter account:

  2. Kultnation says:

    Definitely a sleek and austere rebrand, i kinda like how the reverse “C” and “Central” communicates Comedy / Laughter.

  3. John says:

    It looks like AMC and MTV’s lovechild… But comedy central was the only one around to raise it?

  4. thabrick says:

    “… i kinda like how the reverse “C” and “Central” communicates Comedy / Laughter.”

    And that’s exactly the kind of BS that went into designing this abomination.

  5. Roland says:

    The logo for Chanel moved a few centimeters…

  6. Shatner says:

    Copyright symbol, Target, Chanel, there are probably 10 more. But in the broadcast space, with the right applications and execution this could work well as the clean and corp look contrasts with, and therefore does not compete with, the network’s content.

    Also real happy to see the urban street art thing finally die.

  7. Daniel says:

    Carolco pictures anyone?

  8. Bird Ist says:

    Boring as hell. Compared to how Comedy Central was pushing the identity envelope 5 years ago. Smell like to many shot callers in the room. Snoozer. I really expected a lot more!