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Cumulus Collective: Kids & Explosions “Swear Words”

If you’re a George Carlin fan you may find this video for Toronto’s Kids & Explosions by French collective Cumulus somewhat tame and derivative and if your a patriot or zealot you may find it blasphemous. Either way, the hand-drawn clip is probably NSFW so watch with caution, then watch “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” from Mr. Carlin below, which by the way, may be derivative of Lenny Bruce.

Production, réalisation et direction artistique.
Production: Agence Cumulus
Direction Artistique: Agence Cumulus
Réalisation: Thomas Vernay et Yann Wallaert
Graphiste: Mattis Dovier
Montage: Thomas Vernay
Remerciements: Julien Royer et Thibaud Allemand

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