David Fincher and The Goon Need Your Cash

I’ll admit this email came as a surprise this morning: a Kickstarter campaign to help David Fincher, Blur Studio, Eric Powell and Dark Horse Entertainment move “The Goon” toward the big screen.

A little backstory from the press release: “Two years ago, David Fincher and Blur Studio optioned “The Goon”, developed a feature film script written by Powell and created a proof of concept clip to show Hollywood studios the incredible potential of a Goon animated movie.

“While the clip generated lots of enthusiasm, the movie still isn’t green-lit primarily because PG13 animation is a challenging concept for studios.

“After investing hundreds of thousands of their own money and countless hours of effort, the team has opted to reach out to “The Goon” fanbase, comic book lovers, the movie industry, and frankly anyone with a pulse willing to donate, with a Kickstarter campaign to take their development efforts to the next level.”

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