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Direct from Cannes: “The Ham Story” by Eliška Chytková

Check out this circus/burlesque gem found by the Stash team at the Cannes Film Fest this year directed by young Czech animator Eliška Chytková. One of only four animated shorts included in La Sélection Cinéfondation, “The Ham Story” was chosen from among 1,550 submissions.

Chytková: “The most ordinary thing about those ordinary days of our time is the everydayness, impersonal greyness and the fact that the greatest stereotype of all is that there is always something new. That greyness is what doesn’t let the imagination perish. None of us is without imagination. None of us stamps on it and holds it chained, no matter how hard we try. None of us! My story is about that very imagination. About the imagination which has been chained for so long, and set free with so much strength. About playing God in a childlike and pure game.”

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