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The design, animation, and VFX talent in Latin America continues to amaze us and now you can keep up with the latest work from this vibrant and innovative market with the FREE Stash Latin America app for iOS.

Stash Latin America iOS app | STASH MAGAZINE

The new app launches with fresh work from four of the hottest motion design and VFX studios in Latin America: Gizmo (Argentina), Vetor Zero/Lobo (Brazil), Zebra and Don Porfirio (Mexico).

Every week the content will be updated with carefully selected new work. Slide through the pages and tap on the piece you wish to see in detail. Then include it in your own personal collection of favorites or simply like it, or share it with your friends.

gizmo Stash Latin America iOS app | STASH MAGAZINE

You’ll find HD videos, creative and technical details, as well as contact information for each of the studios.

If you’re a Latam motion, animation and/or VFX studio and want worldwide exposure for your work, please drop us an email here:

Download the Stash Latin America app FREE.

don_porfirio Stash Latin America iOS app | STASH MAGAZINE

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