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Dwarf Labs and Bibo Bergeron: Cartier “Winter Tale”

‘Monster in Paris’ feature director Bibo Bergeron warms up the holidays for Cartier in this animated tale featuring the CG talents of Dwarf Labs in Paris.

Olivier Pinol, cinematographer/VFX super at Dwarf and a veteran of Dreamworks and Weta says the studio employed their in-house tools, “allowing the artists to use advanced shaders which gave the commercial its unique look. This is particularly evident for the panther’s fur which mimics real fur behavior on a stylized design.”

“The studio was involved from the very beginning of the project’s development, working on storyboards, character and environment design, colour scripts, previs, rigging and animation, through to color and lighting design and finally, compositing.”

Cinematographer/Visual Effects Supervisor
Olivier Pinol
Studio Supervisors:
Modelling & Textures: Maximilien Legros-Auroy
Animation: Jean-Yves Audouard
Lighting: Joachim Guerin
Pipeline: Belisaire Earl
R&D: Cedric Paille
Production: Susie Wilson
Artistic Crew:
Benedicte Aldeguerre, Gaetan Baldy, Francois Barreau, Matthieu Grospiron, Gary Heteau, Mathieu Meynard, Jean Palenstijn, Claude Pelet, Camille Perdiguier, Yves Schuler, Dilen Shah
Technical Crew:
Jeremy Clement, Michael Delaporte, Yann Vote
Production Crew:
Cecile Merat, Olivier Parthonnaud
Accounting & HR:
Frederic Secchi, Nathalie Collado, Celine Frejaville, Luc Jampy, Celine Mirjol, Julie Perole
Purchase department:
Denis Cart-Lamy
Studio Managers:
Jeremy Certoux
Jean Luc Boixel
Philippe Riviere

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