Elijah Wood in Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures”

Pulse Films director David Lewandowski hooks up Mr. Wood with photo-real VFX for this new Flying Lotus video from their album “Until the Quiet Comes.”

Lewandowski: “The impetus for this idea was from a director called Jaume Collet-Sera who was slated to direct a live action version of Akira. I really liked the idea of someone doing all this telekinetic, hallucinatory, visual stuff on a big budget level but then the project went away so I said I just have to do that kind of animation. So I wrote an idea from the despair of really wanting to see interconnected, mechanical, psychic floating objects.”

And the BTS video…

Label: Warp Records, Production: Pulse Films, director, David Lewandowski, VFX super: Dustin Bowser

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